Data Science Initiatives

Big Data pipeline : Lambda Architecture


Design a flexible infrastructure to deploy enterprise-ready datalake on AWS. Maintain it as part of CI/CD pipelines.

Integrating AWS Services

S3, EMR, EKS, Redshift, Kinesis, Athena, Glue, ElasticSearch, SageMaker, Quicksight. With Apache Kafka, Airflow. Kubeflow as a recent addition.

Audience Insight


As a development partner, DSi provides tools and technologies for an integration platform (privately reference-able) that connects hundreds of small financial institutions in the US. The platform offers full-fledge offer management marketing platform, embedding targeted offers within printed/electronic documents, tracking and post-campaign analytics.


Gender, Age, Location, Interest, Brand-awareness.

Real time fraud detection model

Project Overview

Detecting fraudulent credit card transactions using XGboost and Isolation Forest Algorithm.

  • Feature Exploration - Visualizing and profiling features.
  • Feature Selection - Filtering out features on grounds of high co-relations, constant values, high cardinality, client specifics.
  • Feature Aggregations - Aggregating features based on customer spending behavior i.e transaction amount, frequency, merchant, location, etc.
  • Data Preparation - Excluding co-related aggregated features, encoding and null value handling.
  • Modeling - Predicting and modeling by machine learning algorithms.
  • Deliverable - Hyperparameter tuned XGBoost model and Visualization

  • Churn Prediction


    Running on production. Binary classification model using xgboost. Deployment through AWS Sagemaker.

    Next Step

    Multi-CDN routing strategy


    Model routing strategy for multi-CDN environment reflecting on recent Quality-of-Experience factors.


    Reduce latency, improve QoE performance. Constraint of max/min traffic volume commitment, hence control over cost.


    Linear Programming, Decision Trees, Reinforcement Learning.

    Deployment Environment

    Kubeflow, aws EKS, aws Sagemaker.

    Document Classification


    DSi is development partner of iControl ESI which is web-based document management and review repository designed for contract attorneys and paralegals in the US. It helps lawyers and law firms organise and sort through millions of text documents to find relevant and productive information.

    Classification Task

    Brand-sentiment analysis (public data real time analysis)


    A real-time social-media campaign monitoring system to evaluate customer sentiment towards brands by analyzing trending topics and geographic segmentation, thus improving brands’ customer engagement and retention.


    Python, Tweepy, Numpy, Pandas, Seaborn, Plotly, Dash, Scala, Kafka, Spark, MySQL, TextBlob, NLTK, Flask, JavaScript.

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