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DSi and their client

The journey of DSi as the developing partner of the company related to different types financial institution softwares started 5 years ago when the team comprised of only two developers. Over the span of years the team has grown and currently there are 32 team members from DSi working as the offshore team.

Initially the team helped with minor projects and now they have ownership of a number of projects which they have built from scratch. The complete team is made of a number of developers, business analysts and quality assurance testers. There are multiple projects that need to be handled by each team and they all need to be integrated as some of the projects are correlated and codependent. Thus teamwork plays a major role in this process. The growth of the team and the professional bond built with the client over the years is a great achievement.

The system and its features

It is a powerful technology that integrates everything - account holder statements, check images, daily notices, taxable income/interest forms and customized, targeted marketing - from data conversion and digital printing, to automated inserting, pre-sorting, mailing and electronic presentment and archival. The client has over 140 financial institutions as their clients including small banks, credit unions and other financial companies.

Working Strategy

Both the onshore and the offshore team work in seamless and simple yet effective way. They follow sprints every two weeks. As the team comprises of multiple projects and each one has their own team lead, the timing of the sprints may vary but the overall system that they follow is the same. Scrums are held after initial meetings with the onshore team and once the development work is divided and completed the feedback is taken from the clients and final touch up is done before the release.

A team usually has four members with a developer lead handling a project. Similar projects are maintained by one team lead who is in charge of keeping constant communication with the onshore team and keeping them up to date.

Development Process

The process starts with the onshore team turning over a project to DSi. Once the project is assigned the Redmine tickets are assigned by the lead who acts as the scrum master. An estimation is also given by looking into the details of the mockups, scope of work and the data. Once the resource planning is done and the onshore team is consulted a detailed requirements document is created to help the developing process. Weekly scrum meetings help with the discussion between the analysts, developers and QA engineers to successfully go through the entire process until the final code deployment.

Throughout the development process, starting from the development environment through the staging environment and up until the pilot environment, the clients are directly kept in the loop. Each of these stages go through different modes of testing such as load testing and regression testing. All the bugs are fixed, tested and approved. The final code is deployed only after the final feedback from the clients is received. The aim is to provide a satisfactory result with which both the teams are happy.

Technology Stack

The work is based on Java EE, Spring Framework was used to implement the different types of complex services. Jersey and Mongo was used to implement the notification services, e-payment services and services related to offer management.

Inputs from DSi

DSi is now part of the decision making team as a result they have been able to develop new and advanced systems which would make it easier for InfoIMAGE to provide their services and reach more of their targeted audience. Technology has had a major shift over the past few years and to adapt to these changes DSi has played a major role in incorporating all these changes with innovative and creative ideas.

Dedication and determination

In times of urgency the team members of DSi took it upon their shoulders and worked at different office hours for a month in order to stay true to their commitment and help InfoIMAGE at a time of need.

Feedback from the clients

Overall the clients have always been satisfied with the work of the offshore team members as a result the collaboration of the two teams have lasted for so many years and both the teams have been satisfied with each others cooperative methods and strategies.

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