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Jenzabar Higher Reach is a CRM for continuing education. There are a lot of different features which include automated scheduling, analysis of campaign responses, program registrations, different type of payments, visits, issuing certificates and other key metrics and seamless integration of Jenzabar Higher Reach CRM and Salesforce with the Higher Reach database.


The clients include mostly universities in the United States. There are over 40 universities that we have worked with and prepared customized systems for based on their specific requirements.

Jenzabar and DSi

Being the developing partners over 5 years, the onshore and offshore team has built a strong bond of trust and reliability.

Working strategy

The team basically follows a sprint wise development strategy. The process starts with the onshore team and offshore team having a meeting regarding a new project. Once the project is assigned the task is divided by the lead who acts as the scrum master. An estimation is also given by looking into the details of the mockups, scope of work and the data. Once the resource planning is done and the tasks are divided on Smartsheet, the developing process begins. Weekly scrum meetings are help in order to help with the discussion between the developers and QA engineers to successfully go through the entire process until the final code deployment.

Throughout the development process, at every stage from requirement analysis, product architecture, development, testing, delivery to post-delivery and maintenance phase, the clients are directly kept in the loop. Each of these stages need a methodical approach which leads to the delivery of successful products. After the development phase is over each updated feature goes through different modes of testing. Based on different client requirements black box testing and white box testing is conducted. Regression testing is usually the go to method but due to time constraints sanity testing is also done. Mantis is used as a the bug tracker and all the bugs are fixed, tested and approved, the final code is deployed. This is done after the final feedback from the clients is received. It is mandatory for us to meet the requirements but also ensure that the code is clean and foundation is strong.

Technology Stack

A custom Java framework and the Struts framework was used to build the foundation of the application. As it employs the Model,View, Controller (MVC) architecture and relies on standard technologies, creating maintainable,extensible and flexible web application was easier. The Angular 2 Framework was used for the front end development of some part of the application such as Jenzabar Corporate. Databases predominantly MySQL and Oracle were used.

We used a number of AWS Cloud Computing Resources to deploy customized features for the universities and their specific requirements. Some of the AWS Mobile and Application Features were implemented using API Gateway Services and other AWS Messaging tools such as SNS (Simple Notification Service) and SQS (Simple Queue Service) were used. The AWS Management tools like AWS CloudFormation and Amazon CloudWatch came in handy when we needed to create, monitor and manage resources with templates. The Storage Products Amazon S3 was also used for their scalable storage facility in cloud. The Amazon Elastic Container Service was used to run and manage docker containers and the Amazon Elastic Container Registry was used to store and retrieve docker images. There a lot of different functionalities in the overall application which results in a lot of HTTP requests and based on changes to Amazon S3 bucket the AWS Lambda is used to run code in response to events using Amazon API Gateway.

Feedback from the client

Working with Jenzabar since 2013 as their developing partners we have strengthen our partnership over the years and it has been a pleasant experience. We have given our very best to be the capable and skillful partner as they deserved.

The development and quality assurance teams have played a role in the cooperation between the onshore and offshore team. We tried to bring in fresh perspective at every stage in designing, developing and maintaining the products associated with Jenzabar. They have always been content and satisfied with our commitment level and dedication.

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