Off Dock Management System


An ERP application for Dock Management. ODMS was deployed in 2005 to keep track of containers, payments and offers easy to use features that could assist non-programmer users to implement ERP.


Out of the 18 inland container depots in the country, the number of clients using this software include:

This accounts for more than 70% of all Export/Import of Bangladesh.

ODMS and DSi

ODMS has been in operation for over 12 years. Currently a total of 3 engineers are part of the team. The development phase has taken up a few years and once it was up and running DSi is giving full support and maintenance.

Features and benefits

The idea of this solution is to simplify the export import system where containers and cargo can easily be tracked and maintained. We have configured the server provided them the clients with a complete management system. The major requirements for such a system is the continuity of service i.e. the production needs to be live at all times and DSi has been providing that for many years now. Data accuracy is another major element that needs to be focused on when dealing with such businesses. Another factor required is the monitoring of overall activity so that at any point the statistical report of a specific time frame can be given. These are required by cargo and container related businesses in order to plan in advance and analyze the department wise performance of the business.

It is expected from DSi to give a complete support solution starting from software support to hardware support and also operational support. This has been done by going to the site and ensuring the system is up to the mark.

An important added service is the billing where all of the payments coming in or going out of the system is tracked and saved. There are separate billing modules for the depot owner and using those the clients can get statistical reports that they can use for future reference.

Working strategy

As a team during development the members of ODMS worked relentlessly on site and off site to ensure the system was online in a short time and met all the requirements of an efficient cargo and container management system. Currently the team is mainly focusing on a complete 24 hour support and maintenance system. The clients can call or inform at anytime about any help required. Once the team completes the work, it is tested and approved by the software quality assurance engineer. Finally the clients are informed about the task being completed.

Feedback from the client

A few words of appreciation from one of our client.

“This is to certify that Dynamic Solution Innovators (DSi) House No. 177, 2nd Lane, New DOHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka-1206, had been working with us from the year 2004 as Software Provider.

During their service tenure, we found them competent, convenient efficient personalized service is what we have experienced with Dynamic Solution Innovators (DSi) through our relation with them since 2004. Their Off Dock Management System (ODMS) ERP solution simplifies the complexity that comes with Logistics and Container tracking, making it more efficient and with lower cost. The application involves numerous advanced technologies, brilliantly utilized to make ODMS a leading solution in its domain in the country. The team deeply understands the critical needs and the company's vision and designs has been a key ingredient in our tremendous growth and prosperity.

We anticipate longer and better collaboration with DSi and we wish their all success in the related business arena.”

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