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Olwel is a startup based in Finland and the aim of this system is to provide an essential doorstep healthcare service for patients who prefer to receive medical consultation at the comfort of their home. The service connects patients to doctors nearby through their website, hotline, and app.

Olwel targeted a recurring issue of people self medicating or going to specialists for minor issues. Now that there are general physicians available just a call away, it is much easier and faster to get treated for minor medical problems. In turn Olwel team hopes to restart the practice of general physicians that is long lost in our country. There are a lot of doctors studying for their post graduation and sitting at home. Instead they can easily provide a much needed service to the people in need. This has the added advantage of being cost effective and time efficient as well. The service is ideal for patients with movement difficulties and anyone who wants to avoid the traffic jam and the long queues at a doctors office.

Olwel and DSi

DSi is the sole developing partner and they formed a dynamic team of developers and designers to get the work started. It was a small team of a few members with a broad spectrum knowledge of technology who aimed to complete the project within a time span of one year. They reached their target and were able to go live as the target was set. The diversity and collaboration in the team helped to brainstorm new ideas and make the product more efficient while meeting the requirements as well.

Development strategy

One of the business founders of Olwel was a part of the software development team. This helped to bridge the gap between the owners and the developers. Initially a sketch of the idea was drawn up and a dynamic team was formed. The team was formed on the basis of strength and knowledge and everyone worked on what they were best at. The collaboration worked perfectly as there was a variety of different ideas from creative engineers to software developers. The software architecture was then built and the developing team followed an iterative development process. Based on the architectural design prototypes were made and once it was shared with the team and the owners, using the feedback received the system was refined. The work was divided into short phases and achievable targets that way it progressed smoothly and iteration was easier. The work progressed through meetings held on a day to day basis to ensure steady progress as well as accountability. This also helped smooth communication of the added requirements between the founders and the team.

Technology stack


The system provides fast and easy access to general physicians. This is a solution that can be used to make life easier for people who require instant and simple medical attention. It is a great way for freelance doctors to reach patients nearest to them. The system is not only cost effective but time efficient as well. This peer to peer location based application uses a real time dispatch system avoiding any sort of interference and each of the users can connect to the doctors without having to wait too long.

Behind the scenes

Once the development phase was complete the first set up was initiated in an office at Mohammadpur. The system started off and as a test run a few appointments were given off free of charge. At that time the developers worked on site with the end users. They ensured the software worked as required and made changes instantaneously. Based on the feedback they adapted to the changes required to make it easier for the users. There have been times when some of the developers also had to work remotely. This dedication and determination helped to get the product live within the set target date.


The new idea initially garnered some mixed reviews. Over time as people got to know how helpful the system is, the number of users increased and day by the day the positive reviews are coming in as well. The doctors have also given positive feedback since it has helped a lot of doctors studying for their post graduation to give back to the community.

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